Where Freedom Lies

True revolution begins in the heart.

By Julie Williams


It started with a single question.

My husband and I had just finished watching the orientation program at the Minuteman National Historic Site in Massachusetts. I’d read about the Battle of Lexington and Concord in school and knew it was the start of the Revolutionary War. What amazed me were the details that I’d never read in history books.

After the skirmish on Lexington Common, the British Regulars marched unchallenged to Concord. Upon their approach, the Concord Militia turned and marched ahead of them to a lively tune. They led a virtual parade through the town and out to the north bridge before taking up a defensive position. The narrator did not explain the militia’s behavior.

For the next several days, I found myself wondering, “Why would they do that?” My imagination marched to a lively tune. At the end of our vacation, I bought a small spiral bound notebook and spent the entire flight home laying out an outline. The rest is history—okay, you got me—some of it is obviously fiction.



The day Hannah’s twin brother dies on Lexington Common, her family takes in Drew, a soldier wounded on the road from Concord. He appears to be another victim of the British Regulars, but she quickly discovers he is a redcoat. Knowing her family’s land will go fallow without help, Hannah promises to keep Drew's secret and in turn presses him into service in her brother’s stead.

As tensions in Massachusetts rise, Hannah is not content to sit at home while her father fights for the colonies’ equality with England. Finding an unlikely ally in Drew, Hannah makes her way into Boston’s high society as a patriot spy and embraces a life of deceit.

When Hannah discovers important documents that could secure colonial privilege, Drew’s unorthodox help causes her to question his loyalties.

In the end, when giving an honest answer will undermine everything her family is fighting for, Hannah must decide whether she can trust God with the truth more than she can trust herself with a lie.


Early Reviews

"I read the first chapter about 2 weeks ago. Normally, anything that I'd read even a couple of days previously would be pretty much gone from my memory. However, your style of writing and the descriptive language you use, coupled with an intriguing story line have left it fresh in my mind. I can't wait until it's done!" -Denise
"Wow Julie. . .you are gifted! I just read your first chapter of Where Freedom Lies. . .and visited your website. . .I truly enjoyed it. . .and can't wait to read the rest of the book. You are talented!" -Kelly
"Hey, I read everything on your webpages, and I'm impressed. It sounds like you did a lot of historical research. I love to read an interesting story that also teaches me something. I sure hope and pray that your book will get published." -Verna