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By Julie Williams


Julie's Bio

Having struggled through elementary school with a reading disability, I often disqualified myself from becoming a writer. Looking back, it was not so much that I didn’t want to learn to read, I just found my imagination so much more entertaining than the required reading. In high school, U.S. History ruined my 4.0 GPA, but not because the subject didn’t interest me. Every time the teacher began his lecture or I opened the book to study, I began wondering about the people, their lives, manners, and unrecorded adventures, and then I would forget to memorize “important facts” like dates and places.

What I once counted as a weakness, Christ has redeemed as strength. With a passion for history and a knack for unearthing little known details, the reader may have difficulty separating the historical from the fiction in my debut novel. Having taught all ages in Sunday school classes over the past 3 decades, I understand the importance of blending education and entertainment, with a message of timeless relevance.

Julie lives in Southern California with her husband, Ed, of 33 years, and three delightful cats. Her greatest accomplishment is having raised two incredible sons: the entomologist and the teacher.

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