Where Freedom Lies

True revolution begins in the heart.

By Juile Williams


Historical or Fiction: The Test

Read the following statements and decide which are historical and which are fictional.


Chapter 1: Lexingtion, Massachusetts, 1775

  1. Paul Revere and William Dawes shouted, “The British are coming!” when they rode out to warn the colonial militia of the British Regulars’ impending march.
  2. Not all colonial militiamen were minutemen.
  3. The British Regulars and Massachusetts Militia had been at odds with each other since as far back as the French and Indian War.
  4. The British Regulars made a raid on the stores of gunpowder in Charlestown and Cambridge prior to their march to Concord.


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Chapter 2: Boston, Massachusetts, 1775

  1. The British Regulars didn't know about their mission to Concord until they were called out that night.
  2. The army made a soggy march to Lexington, because the barges couldn't get all the way to shore.
  3. When the daughter of a British Regular turned sixteen, she was turned out of the encampment.


Historical or Fiction: The Truth

Discover the Truth

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Facts from subsequent chapters will be available upon publication of this novel.